Salsa Chicken

This is what I call this, you can make up your own name for it if you want.  Couldn't be simpler, but it is so good and versatile.  I made it last Monday and ate it in a quesadilla, on salad, and in a bowl with black beans and cheese. 

3-4 chicken breasts
jar of your favorite salsa

Put all in crockpot and let cook all day until done.  Let it cool, take out chicken and shred (I can usually do this with my hands because the chicken is so tender).  Depending on how much liquid is in the crockpot, I sometimes drain most of it out, keeping the chunks of salsa.  Add chicken back in, stir up, and enjoy however you wish!   Last week I used a can of my dad's homemade salsa labeled "hot" and man, was this chicken ever good!!